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The day I decided to become a Virtual Assistant

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I have been in the health care industry for almost a decade or even more if you include all the schooling I did. It was not an easy process. I didn't know what I was doing at all. Back home, in the Philippines, education is precious. Filipino parents usually choose what they want you to become, what program you should take, what's best for you. Don't get me wrong, I like that they truly guide you every step of the way even though it was according to their plan. Sometimes, they make you think it's you who choose your path until you create these thoughts that seem you actually choose your own path. Meanwhile, if you make a mistake, that's on you not them. If you succeed, they must be very proud of themselves and you as well. Back then, whatever the parents think you should do with your life you must do it, at least that's how I thought of it. There's no shortcut as in you have to follow and be obedient to what your parents tell you to do. Coming from a Catholic school, I gained not a lot of friends, not a lot of confidence, although, I was very modest, shy,  yet vulnerable. Going to a well-known school won't give you a lot of friends, will not give you a lot of confidence, become intelligent without the hard work except those parents who bribe the school for their kids to get higher grades. Ops! busted. However, I could conclude I gained self-discipline and perseverance. The school didn't teach me that either, well guess what? It was my parents who taught me how punctuality reflects with your professionalism and you as a person. It shows your integrity. The school I went to was very strict from dress code to ethics to discipline. I actually am beginning to realize somehow I gain something beneficial from this experience. Maybe that was the intention of my life being in a Catholic school. You see, you don't realize these things until you're older just like dumping all your dirty clothes in the washing machine only to find out you run out of soap before pressing the buttons.

What's it like to go to College for Nursing? Honestly, I didn't want to become a Nurse. My parents wants me to become a Registered Nurse as you know most Filipinos are well-known for hospitality, caring etc. That's not what I want though. What I really want is to become a Pediatrician. When I was little, I have seen my mom assist women in giving birth. She's a Midwife. She's very confident in what she does. She's very energetic and alert a lot of the times. There's a Pediatrician who always comes at least once or twice a week to do check-ups for the children in our house/clinic. By the way, let me give you a brief description of our house, the entrance door leads to my mom's Lying-in clinic. So, the front half of the house is her clinic she has an office table that serves as the reception area. The other half of the house consist of our own family space. We have live there for such a long time. I would say since the day I was born. God I feel so old now. lol. Anyways, the Pediatrics Doctor comes by once in awhile. I notice how she assess the kids, do their check-ups, and attend to their health care needs accordingly. I love children so I thought, I want to be like her when I grow up. Of course, becoming a Doctor is not easy and it cost a lot of money too. My parents are just being practical so they told me to go for Nursing as it's the most in demand job in the workforce. I trusted it's what I want to do at the time. While I began my Nursing journey, halfway through I have to come to Canada.  Moving forward, I came to Canada as my mom wants me to move here to finally reunite with her. She said there's more opportunity here. I did Practical Nursing Program again, I work full-time then part-time while I go to school at nights. I paid the expenses for all of my tuition fees through my part-time jobs. Man, it was really exhausting! I work during the day at KFC, Thank God for such a good working environment. I was a friend to everyone, I train newbies, I help out as much as I could, and I met a lot of people in the way. I fell in love in the job that I do there. I mean we get nasty customers at times but my colleagues are the best team I could ever ask for. I believe that is my most favorite job I work at in my entire life. The management is really nice, understanding, and very lenient. I stayed there for a couple of years until I graduated my Nursing. I struggled during my schooling but my classmates are really helpful. As a matter of fact, everyone was very helpful. This is why I love Canada there's just a lot of resources you could find. People will definitely help you as best as they could. No judgement whatsoever. I mention KFC because I can sometimes save my lunch and bring it with me for the night school I have. lol. I didn't need to worry about getting hungry for most times. That was a bonus! During these days, no matter how exhausted I am I still enjoy what I do everytime I go for my placement. Juggling work and schooling takes up a lot of my energy. I feel like it was taking so long to finish my schooling. However, I believe that I can finish it which I did at the end. 

My last internship was in a Rehabilitation Hospital. I really love it there. I work for free. No compensation, you just have to complete all the hours they require in order for you to graduate. Also, you need to do the final examination at school in order to graduate then get your diploma. You can then take the licensing exam as they can only allow you once you secured your diploma from any Canadian Nursing School. By then, a lot of things are changing. I work for such a short period of time then, move to another place because I was about to have my baby at the time.  I was doubting I want to continue working at the bedside. I thought to myself there must be some other ways to earn money while I stay home. Meanwhile, I found a low rate work at a Nursing home about 8 minutes drive from our house. I started sending my toddler to day care, few months after that's when pandemic hits. Now, my contemplation change to deciding to do something else online. A remote job! Where I can work at home anytime of the day without paying for gas mileage. Of course, before I could take my next step, life happens again, that's when we move to the country side where there's no internet. Ah, yes of course, no internet, my idea burst! into nothingness. I put my thoughts on hold until we figure out our living situation. I stayed at home to watch my little one. Pandemic continues for another year. I decided to find a course online that will help me understand how to work online. I told myself, I will find a way. So, throughout my research, I found some people doing Virtual Assistant and earning money from it. That's when I told myself, "I think that's me!" I want to do this! So, I did tons of research to find out more about it. I enroll myself at Udemy website for  short courses on how to become a Virtual Assistant. I would like to have enough knowledge before diving in. Also, I'm glad to have found Kayla Sloan. She teaches a program online on how to become a Virtual Assistant. The program was straight to the point plus you can keep the course forever. How good is that?

The day I decided to become a Virtual Assistant is the day I feel I have enough knowledge on what a Virtual Assistant really do. I swear, I signed up in so many "free courses" that other coaches offer regarding VA. There are tons, let me tell you that. You do not need all of them. My point is you have to pick which one you think is best for you. You just have to be wise in picking a course that will benefit you in the long run. Anyways, I only have LinkedIN and Facebook account. Since a lot of business owners are using other major socia media platforms, I started to join another one as well. That's right, I joined Instagram. This month of November I have applied to some job offer as a VA. I am also offering 10 hours free of charge for the beginning of my service. Why? It's because I don't have any eperience as a VA. To be honest, I am lucky to have a potential client which I will be subcontracting soon. I hope she contacts me on Tuesday again. I believe this will be a good opportunity for me as a newbie. Wish me luck! 



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