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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2022!

I hope you had a great time over the holidays with your family and friends. Whether it's through video call, small family gathering, or just with your adorable animal companion/s over the New Year, may you have a prosperous New Year. What has been keeping you busy lately? Let me share my holidays.

Family Time

This year we try to keep everything simple. I always like to do simple things with my family. For some reason, we didn't take lots of photos as we are really busy with the food preparation for the small family gathering on Christmas dinner. Considering my step son will stay with us for a week as usual during holidays like this in particular, it has been wonderful. He was happy together with my biological son. They received wonderful presents and had a blast specially with the meals we keep having. It seems like a never ending supply of foods gracing here and there.

This holiday season is fun. We are all home together everyday. My husband works from Monday to Friday but he is always off from work for Christmas and over the holiday week. We had so much food let me tell you that. On the 24th, I baked goods such as gingerbread cookies, christmas cookies, and red and green velvet Christmas cake, while my sister-in-law offered to bring cupcakes. We had a big dinner with the family on Christmas day. We have a lot of left overs that I think we lasted for a whole week until at least the New Year's weekend. We had turkey, ham, spaghetti squash, gravy, steamed vegetables with cheese sauce on the side, brussel sprouts with bacon, mashed potatoes, carrots glazed, broccoli salad and ceasar salad. My husband's family and us definitely work together in the kitchen for the big dinner. My Mother-in-law video chat with us since she is in New Zealand at the moment. With the kids running around and what not, it was crazy! The boys opened all of their Christmas gifts from their grandparents and other relatives. They are very happy and had so much fun with their new educational items and fun toys. They recieved a light projector which the reflection in the ceiling looks like a planetarium according to one of my friend. I think this will be our family favorite item from now on. The boys can't stop admiring them as they dance, swing, throw pillows and be silly around the room. We definitely are very thankful for all the presents and love from my side and my husband's side of family. I personally appreciate the family for coming over to have dinner together. Although, I can't still move on from the fact, we didn't have a family photo this holiday. However, we have good new memories to keep. I think that matters the most!

VA side

I try to not do work in between but honestly, I personally think working at home is the best opportunity in the world. I'm glad to be working at home because I can come to my laptop anytime I want. I have read multiple articles about how VAs handle their business over the holidays. I believe everyone is different in terms of working hours and schedule but for me I love to organize so as long as I have scheduled plan, I'm good to work for a few hours over the holidays. Actually, it helps me become a good business owner because it balance my time between family and work. 

By the way, I offered free service for at least 2 people for Canva project. I didn't know how overwhelming it could be although, I enjoyed helping others who needed it the most. I didn't mind whether they like my design or not. I put my time and effort and just had fun doing the projects. I'm glad to meet an influencial person to trust me to try creating the design for his newsletter. Actually, I am not even sure if he use the design or not. The other person is a logo design and man it was really challenging knowing so little specific with what the individual wants. In my mind, I learned that those people who does the design must have a heart and passion in doing the work. I admire them.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking about this over the past months. I'm aiming to become a Canva certified and be able to do that on the side. It could be really overwhelming just like when I was thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant. However, if I spare 1 hour or 2 in some days I don't think that can hurt really, can it?

I wonder if there are VAs out there who works too over the holidays? I'm interested to find out more. 

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