Hi, I'm Almira. I provide administration support for small business owners. Whether it's 15 mins tasks or new skills required to complete your project or even a little bit of both, I'm always happy to help! 

    Do you find yourself tired of doing a repetitive task you don't enjoy doing at all? My detail-oriented skills will help ease your mind. I can take care of a small task that takes up your time more than you thought it would.

    I started my Virtual Assistant business because I want to be able to work at home while earning money at the same time. I am continuously teaching myself about the different platforms that most VAs use. I may not be an expert, but my reliability sets me apart as a professional VA.

    I'm excited to hear your story! Do not hesitate to send me a message at mhiavirtual@gmail.com


    My childhood has influenced my career option growing up. My mom is a Midwife who provides care for pregnant women in our community. I witnessed how my mom efficiently handle challenging situations throughout her career.  I guess it runs in the family how we like to take good care of others. If you want to find out more, you can read about my VA journey Blog below.

    I have been in the health care industry almost throughout my work experience. Although, I still want to keep my door open for non-health-related businesses. The reason for that is I like to learn new skills on the side while I improve the skills I'm already using. I have dealt with challenges in various health care facilities such as but not limited to, prioritizing, organizing, and planning effectively.

    I bring professionalism and confidentiality to the table which will be beneficial in what I do as a Virtual Assistant.


    I bring professionalism and confidentiality to the table which will be beneficial in what I do as a Virtual Assistant.

    If I'm not working: reading, baking, planning family or friends gatherings, birthdays, and holiday events, and nature walk are some of the things I enjoy doing. Next summer, I'm planning on gardening with my boys and teaching them some baking.


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    Monday through Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm

    Saturday and Sunday: 6:00am-11:00am


    Consultation Hours

    I offer free 15 minutes consultation between 8:00am-11:00am from Monday to Friday either phone call or Video conference(Zoom or Google Meet). However, I would prefer on the weekend anytime between Saturday and Sunday, I offer up to 30 minutes of free consultation. 


    Contact: mhiavirtual@gmail.com

    Send me an email so I can give you my phone number. A lot of the time, I don't leave my phone number on my site unless I'm submitting Proposals and Resume. The reason for this is there are a lot of Scams filling up my voicemail. Please understand I would need to save your number first on my phone, that way it can recognize you and that's the only way your call will get through to me. If this is unclear, please don't hesitate to speak with me about this.


    Curious? Here's more details

    General Administrative Tasks

    Data Entry


    Email accounts management

    -Organizing folders accordingly, Sorting emails, Maintaining Spam and Archive folders, Scheduling email replies, Email Templates follow-up


    Maintaining Office Records


    Schedule and Calendar Management


    Preparing Presentations


    Support System


    Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Practitioners

    Patient & Client care management

    -Follow-up, Update information, Appointment setting services, Maintain professional relationship


    Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement


    Medical Platforms

    -Jane App



    Background in Nursing and PSW



    Platforms and Applications

    Google Suite










  • Work With Me !

    See my peers review..


    "Hardworking Individual"

    "Almira took over previous administrative

    position and fulfilled all the responsibilities.

    She can handle clients coming in and out

    of the clinic while answering phone calls

    at the desk. Although she work for a short

    period of time, her commitment reflects on

    her punctuality over the course of her training."


    -Pushpa Poudel



    "Organized and Reliable"

    "Being my colleague for over 9 years, I've known Almira as a hardworking individual who puts 100 percent in everything she does. She is able to turn difficult situations into focus and get things done on time. She is organized, has good time management skills, and is a very reliable person. She puts her passion, time, and dedication in everything she does. With that, I would totally recommend her."


    -Hamda Rashid

    Recreational Therapist


    What are your values in life?


    I value the people I work with. I may not be an expert VA but my willingness to learn as much as I could is something that I really value for my self-growth.


    I see myself as a human being and so are the people I work with. Their time is valuable so I am grateful for every opportunity given to me. I appreciate the effort my clients make to reach out to me



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